A Fair-ly Awesome Day

October 19, 2015
Blog post

I took the girls out for their first ever, day at the state fair! Call me brave or call me crazy, but it was actually quite fun!  It wasn’t so bad as I was meeting my sister and her family there too. Well, never mind, it actually was pretty tough maneuvering two RV sized double strollers through the densely packed crowds of strangers who apparently lose all capability of “kindly stepping to one side” upon paying the entrance fee. But nothing a deep-fried snickers bar couldn’t fix!



Five hours and two tired legs later I am considering inventing an adult sized stroller – Or just investing in a hover round. But it was all so worth it to see the wonder and excitement of it all in the eyes of a 2 1/2 year old hyped up on funnel cake and fries. (Don’t worry guys, I kept it real with a black-bean burger as the main course. Don’t get it twisted.) I’m actually in the middle of a completely raw and vegan 21 day cleanse and thought it a good idea to splurge on this “special day”….yeah, no. More on that in another post!

All in all, we had great fun. Passed on trying the new ‘deep fried stick of butter’ and the ‘pig in a cup’. But I did however, say ‘yes’ to defying death on a few rides and breastfeeding in public! Win!

We are all still alive, happy + full. I’d say it was quit an awesome state fair kind of day.