Hello + Welcome!

Thank you for stopping by + welcome to Tyger Alexis! A place for creatives to find inspiration from all angles of life, especially motherhood. In this blog you will find easy plant-based recipes, thrifted home decor projects, clean beauty DIY’s, natural living inspiration, catalyzing out-of-the-box mama + mini style (also usually thrifted), & beginner blogging tips!

About Moi:

My real name is Kristin. I am a mother of two completely opposite little ladies and married to an incredibly loving and hilarious husband. Pre kids I was a freelance fashion designer and eater of alllll the things. After kids, we threw out all meat + dairy from our meals and I also realized I wanted to live a simpler more focused life but without sacrificing my creative spirit.

These choices lead me to my artistic shift: I now focus on creating small batch clothing + accessories for children, inspired by the imagination of my two beautiful forces of nature and have also found a serious passion for vegan cuisine as a newly plant-based family!

I LOVE thrifting. I find happiness in figuring out a more natural way to do most anything. Summer over Winter, always. Beach > mountains. I often pretend like I know how to dance. You’ll find me constantly rearranging / redecorating our tiny home. Annnnd, I definitely have a plant addiction, a deep for love for cats + if it wasn’t for Instagram I would have traded the iPhone for an old flip phone years ago! We spend our days living in a small town found in the gorgeous state of North Carolina with our cat, Baby Kitty….She’s 9…don’t judge.

Why Tyger Alexis?

My mother was going to name me Tyger but backed out at the last second. You see, Toni the Tiger was at his prime in the early 80’s and she feared I’d never escape the correlation! But it has been my nickname all my life, while Alexis is in fact my middle name! If you know me IRL, you’d agree with how the name truly encompasses my unique characteristics + cat like qualities. 😉

When I started designing + creating clothing I used my nickname and middle name to coin my brand. It just worked! As my life has shifted and caused my focus to change towards blogging, the name followed. It’s been with me from before I was born! It’s grrrrrrrreat! (see what I did there?!) That ones for you Toni.