Called To Be Creative

February 21, 2017
Blog post

Creative beings, called to do creative things.

It’s been a while since my last post and so much has changed in our life since then! I thought it would be nice to re-introduce myself, share a little about what I do + give a little peek into my studio / workspace.

My name is Kristin and I’m the mama of the two little munchkins you’ll probably see here all the time.  Our oldest is about to turn 4, is extremely extroverted & loves to wear her princess dress + batman mask basically EVERY day. Our youngest is 2.5, take a while to warm up, yet will stop at nothing for a chance to shake her little booty to any beat. (the rhythm of the washer can get this girl moving. no lie!)

In her creative space - Tyger Alexis

I’m married to a really attractive + creative man, and together last November, we re-launched Tyger Alexis as a brand specializing in apparel + teethers + decor + toys for modern families. And now as a full blown lifestyle blog for creative women!

I say RE-launch because, for many years TA was a freelance women’s clothing brand based in Raleigh NC. I specialized mainly in custom, one off, edgy ready-to-wear garments & had fun with experimental pieces for the runaway. But with two little’s eating up every moment of your time + energy, keeping up became ALMOST impossible. I’ll get the the ‘almost’ in just a sec!

Now for a little background! My mom taught me how to hand sew clothing for all my barbies and stuffed animals when I was about 4 years old after she realized I drew outfits for her to wear almost every day! Then as a teen I would constantly shop vintage & alter or totally repurpose the clothing, further learning the ins and outs of clothing construction. And in 2005, I was blessed to have spent some serious time in Paris studying design, working runway shows and eating lots of Nutella crepes. #nutellaislife

All that to say, I have been creating since I can remember and love it more than most things. Even Nutella! But never more than my sweet little tribe.

So here we are, many years later, I’m a new mom, worn out, tired and feeling I will never get my groove back. Not wanting to change a thing as far as being a mama goes, but also not wanting to sacrifice my creative self. I felt so bummed that I may have to wait, or worse, completely miss out on all my dreams. Any other creative mama’s out there relate?

But one day, as I was feeling a little self defeated, these words whispered so gently to my spirit, hit me so hard in my heart! ???❤️

“I have given you your dreams and everything you need to accomplish them. You don’t have to give up, just do it differently.”

And there you have it! I felt alive and inspired again, realizing I, in fact, had EVERYTHING I needed to continue creating under one roof & and wrapped up in our little family! A wood crafting husband, two adorable muses & the empowerment of motherhood to be a #momboss making TA a killer children’s lifestyle brand!

Tyger Alexis - Teething Necklaces

So here’s to motherhood, to dreams being resurrected & to slaying in 2017!! I just want to encourage your beautiful, powerful creatives out there – Whatever is holding you back from your dreams, be it a current job situation, finances, the hood (motherhood to be exact) or even YOURSELF – Say ‘NO MORE!’. You are capable, you CAN do it, you DO have the tools necessary! Sometimes you just need a paradigm shift to see the possibilities. It may take a different shape than what you originally planned, but ALL things work for the good. Just jump.

I did. And it feels so good to finally learn to fly.


Bando 2017 Planner - Tyger Alexis

In her creative space - Tyger Alexis In her creative space - Tyger Alexis Tyger Alexis - Teething Necklaces Tyger Alexis - Teething Necklaces img_1558