• Bitty House Project - Kitchen Remodel - Tyger Alexis

    Bitty House Project – The Plans

    Hey hey!! I’m back with part duex of the Bitty House Project remodel: THE PLANS! If you missed the “before tour” of the bitty house kitchen and bath, you can check it out here!   It will catch you up on the desperate need of this space’s transformation. It’s bad….really REALLY bad. But things are about…

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  • Bitty House Project - Tyger Alexis

    Bitty House Project – Before Tour | Kitchen + Bath

    Uhhh, moving is a huge deal!! And a huge headache am I right?? Renovations are an even BIGGER deal! Especially when they involve the kitchen or a bathroom. Well, call…

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  • Not your 'basic' basic kitchen essentials! Pretty + practical kitchen gear.

    Pretty + Practical Kitchen Essentials

    If you’re anything like me when it comes to kitchen essentials, there are two simple expectations. Quality + aesthetics.  As a result, home cooking gets more efficient and also more enjoyable!…

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