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Bitty House Project – The Plans

April 25, 2018

Hey hey!! I’m back with part duex of the Bitty House Project remodel: THE PLANS! If you missed the “before tour” of the bitty house kitchen and bath, you can check it out here!   It will catch you up on the desperate need of this space’s transformation. It’s bad….really REALLY bad. But things are about to change! #thankyalawd

Ok, lets get to the good stuff!

The Bitty House Kitchen:

One of the biggest and BEST changes will be knocking down the entire wall separating the kitchen and living room! The rooms merging into one spacious entertainment area will be life changing.  We are putting in a peninsula with barstool seating, adding to the much needed countertop space, storage needs and seating options. I am most excited about this detail as we pretty much live in the kitchen and love to be able to hang with people while we are cooking / entertaining!

We are leaning towards a clean, modernistic approach for the bones of this space and the decor will add to the personality of the room with pops of pastels! You can take a peek at some of my favorite pretty AND  practical kitchen essential here. My goal is for this small space to be visually expanded with it’s mainly white aesthetic, brass hardware and lots of plant life! There will be a corner of open shelving to allow the space to breathe and also give us easy access to our really cute dishes!!

Here’s a basic (undecorated) rendering I created of the new kitchen space!

Bitty House Project - Kitchen Remodel - Tyger Alexis

Some other major transformations will be: new flooring laid (still deciding on what), building a floor to ceiling pantry next to the sink (snacks on snacks on snacks!), L-shaped layout of cabinets (gimme all the storage!) and more thoughtful arrangement of appliances (a family that cooks together, stays together).

Bitty House Project - Kitchen Remodel - Tyger Alexis

Luckily, this room has a LOT of life giving natural light. Natural light is a really important quality to making a bitty house feel larger than life. It will definitely add to the clean, modern, open feel we are going for in the kitchen. It will also be a plus for those Instagram pics!!! You know what I’m sayin’!! We’ll see how long the “clean” aspect lasts with 4 little, sticky, crumb creating hands around!

I give it 4.5 seconds.

Cannot wait to make some killer food in this kitchen though! I bet my black bean + kale quesadilla and favorite creamy dreamy garlic cashew sauce will taste 100x better (if that’s even possible) just because they will be made in this room! It’s going to be amazing!

Next up… 

The Bitty House Bathroom:

Buh-bye creepy obstacle course! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, see how awful this bathroom layout was here! This room will be majorly, and thankfully, expanded in few ways! A new entrance point will be created by knocking down the walls of a tiny storage closet located in the living room. This will add to the sq footage of the room and allow us to close off the entrance that exists from the kitchen. Sealing up that kitchen entrance gives us an entire wall to work with for the custom built vanity, large mirror and sconce lighting.

We (and by we, I mean the guys) are also going to possibly bump out a section of the bathroom by a few feet to create a laundry nook + mini storage closet hidden by floor to ceiling cabinet doors. This little closet will also be big enough to store towels, toilet paper and cleaning supplies. What what!

Here is another basic, undecorated rendering of my vision for the bathroom:

Bitty House Project - Bathroom Remodel - Tyger Alexis

The toilet is getting moved to a completely different location making the bathroom easy to maneuver through and feel SO much bigger! The shower will probably stay in it’s place, and is being replaced by a glass door, corner shower. Again, we are wanting things to feel open, airy and light in this tiny space, so white will be the main color of choice accompanied by…you guessed it! Pastels! All day – ery’day!

Bitty House Project - Bathroom Remodel - Tyger Alexis

This is the wall that currently leads to the kitchen. When closed up, it will be the perfect place for a large vanity and cool light fixtures. I can see this being such a beautiful focal point when entering from the girl’s room. Also, I have big plans for hanging TONS of plants – softening up and bringing in the beauty of nature, giving new meaning to “when nature calls”. See what I did there?! Oh man, I crack myself up.

Anyways! I’m hoping to talk the in-laws into white hexagon tiles for the floor. Fingers crossed! I’d also be totally into wood floors with a white subway tiled shower. We’ll see! Either way, it’s going to be so pretty + relaxing in there – if I can manage to get into the bathroom without my girls knowing about it.

I also give that about 4.5 seconds.

Bitty House Project - Bathroom Remodel - Tyger Alexis


Now I know some of the ideas for the bitty house will probably shift and change as we go, but here’s the thing – I LOVE THE PROCESS!!!! Every step, even the ones that feel challenging, are getting us closer to a beautiful end result. That result being, all aesthetics aside, we will live neighboring our family!! Worth it all.

The next step I’m working on is MY FAVE step! The planning of decor + styling for these rooms! Next post I will be sharing some inspiration for the look + feel of this bitty space! My Pinterest overfloweth. Seriously though – I have a problem.

Feel free to tell me what you think about the direction we are heading with our bitty house! If you have any suggestions or ideas you’d like to share, I am all ears!

Until next time friends – Keep smiling!


Tyger Alexis.