The Now

October 9, 2015
Blog post

I was the little girl who day dreamt about her future constantly. “What would my husband look like? I hope he’s hot…When will we meet? Where will we live?? What will motherhood be like? How many kids will we have??? What will I turn out to be when I grow up?!?”

I couldn’t wait to get older, be something awesome and marry. Swapping my maiden name, Clendinen (see, you had some trouble there didn’t you? So did every. Single…well, every single person I’ve ever know really!) for a newer, easier to pronounce last name was my ultimate goal. – Although, now I honestly do miss my original last name. When you say it right, it is actually quite unique and lovely to say. Clen-den-in. Not Clend-inen or Clendol-in. Yep, I’ve gotten Clen-denul-lin too.

Have you ever noticed how people love to just make sounds up if they can’t figure something out?? “No I did not notice the extra syllables and/or consonants you so kindly mumbled into my heritage.” Ahh the good ole days!

And now, here I am. Blessed with a gorgeous and gentle man, about to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary, living in NC with two incredible and absolutely edible daughters, and a simple last name! If I could give younger me a heads up about her future, I would say: “You won’t believe it if you knew it or how you get to it, but you will absolutely love everything about it!”

Life never turns out how you hope or expect. It’s full of dips and dives, plot twists and turns. But the beauty is that we never truly know what is just around the bend. I have come to love the mystery of the future and relish in the present. The present is all that is certain. And in the present I have been given, I am certainly fulfilled.